Wednesday, May 7, 2008


As some of you may know, I have inherited a cat from the Nunez-Pace household. His name is Smokey and, poor thing, has only three legs. He comes from New Orleans where, as a kitten, he belonged to a homeless man. He got caught in a car engine and was dropped off at the vet to be put down. The vet thought that he was too sweet to put to sleep so they removed his front let at the shoulder and he survived! He was given to Scott and Sam, animal lovers that they are, and has done well. As Scott and Sam are moving and I wanted a cat, it was the perfect opportunity for Smokey. He now has my full attention and doesn't have to fight for food. We have spent the last few weeks getting comfortable with each other and it seems to be going well.

He loves to be on the bed- I think that it is a safe spot for him and he runs like the devil if you walk past him on the floor which is quite funny with just his three legs.

He seems to be a "rear oriented" cat. He LOVES to have his butt scratched and waggs his tail like a dog.

I painted a ceramic bowl for him at the paint your own pottery place in Port "A" (again in my copoius amounts of free time now that I've finished my dissertation).

Wish us luck (and good drugs) on our trip from Texas to Minneapolis!

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