Saturday, May 17, 2008

Moving Sucks Part 2

I am lucky enough to be staying at the Days Inn in Pauls Valley Oklahoma where they have free wireless so here is a post for all of you keeping close tabs on the move...

My friends threw me a congratulations/good luck party on Thursday- it was great to see everyone and we all went to the Gaff afterwards. You can buy a ceiling tile to write messages on and they got one for the occasion- Kiersten has pics and as soon as I get my hands on them I'll show ya'll.

Friday morning the movers arrived- there were two of them and here are pics of them in action.
They took an inventory of all of my stuff and put green stickers on everything and had it all loaded by 1ish. The apt was so empty! At the last minute I packed a few extra boxes and I'm glad I did cause the rest of my stuff plus Smokey barely fit in the car. Susan brought lunch from Subway and came over to eat while the movers were finishing up. After they left I calmed a totally freaked out, drugged Smokey then went to the lab to start packing my computer into the car. The ladies downstairs were really sweet and got me a cake so we had that and one for Anne's B-day at three.
It was an extremely emotional day- all of the planning and packing and preparing was coming to an end and it was just a lot to deal with. I'm almost as proud of myself for moving myself completely across the country on my own as I am for getting my degree!
I spent an hour or so with Sam in the evening but was home by 8:30. I had trouble sleeping but Smokey seemed much better by then so that made me a little more comfortable. This morning I was up super early and figured I'd get going- it beat laying awake on a concrete floor! I finished packing the car and loaded up an undrugged Smokey and off we went. I made great time and there were no problems in any of the big cities I've passed through which include San Antonio, Austin, Waco and Dallas/Fort Worth. I did about 8.5 hours today and am hoping to get a good night sleep to do 10 tomorrow. Smokey is doing well plus he can't get under the bed so I won't be stressed about trying to get him in the crate tomorrow! Here is a pic of him at the hotel- how cute!

I've a reservation in Clear Lake Iowa (just outside of Mason City) for tomorrow night- wish me luck!

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