Monday, May 12, 2008

Girls Weekend in Houston

This weekend I drove up to Houston for one last "Girl's Weekend" with my BFF Sam before I move to the Great Cold North. I drove up there Saturday morning and Sam and I went to the Hobbit Cafe for lunch followed by shopping in Rice Village and a beer at The Gingerman. We were going to watch a play in the park but it was too hot and humid so we decided to stay home and drink wine and watch the Indiana Jones marathon- who can beat the handsome, dashing Harrison Ford?

While Sam was running on Sunday morning she found a fledgling screech owl in the middle of a busy road and rescued it. We found the Houston Wildlife Rescue center and saved the baby! I didn't take pics of the owl so as not to scare it but it looked like this:

After our Good Samaritan deed we were mighty hungry and brunched at a "real Mexican" place- the chili sauce on my eggs was to die for!

While we were waiting for a friend of Sam's to get home so she could borrow his runner's GPS we wandered into the Wabash Feed and Antiques store- they had chickens, turkeys and bunnies! They also had a great selection of plants, plant and pet foods and really cool antiques. Sam got a jar of pickled green beans for Scott- has anyone else heard of such a thing?

We got manicures and pedicures before I headed back to Port "A". I just hope that I find girlfriends in Minneapolis half as great as the ones I have in Texas!

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