Friday, May 23, 2008

Moving Sucks Part 3

Well I finally made it and have set up the internet/computer! It has been an exhausting few days with a few good things along the way to keep me going.

I arrived safely in Mlps on Monday morning and made a major trip to Target- I didn't even get lost!

My belongings arrived early Tuesday morning along with men to set up the cable, my couch was delivered and the maintenance guy was here to fix my shower all at the same time. The good part was that the printed copies of my dissertation were also delivered- it looks great! I think that I've found somewhere to mail them so I'll work on that early next week.

Things have been chaos but they are slowly getting better. Here are some pics of my progress as of Wednesday morning...

I have been to Ikea, Target (twice) Kmart, the grocery store (they have rainbow chip frosting- I'm in heaven), the car wash, and liquor store- I think that I'm doing great! Nothing is more than 10 minutes away. I love the location of the apt- it is a super cute neighborhood with lots of trees, flowers, sidewalks... I really think that I'll be happy here. There are great tulips out now- here are some out my front door!

My advisor, Carol Lange, had a party last night (Thursday) in honor of SPRING- it was fantastic to see people- some of her neighbors came and they were super friendly.

I'm getting close to settled- I'm getting quite proficient at putting furniture together from boxes. I'll take pics when I'm done- the apartment is going to be super cute- I'm really pleased!

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