Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some Recent FOs

I've finished another baby sweater:

This is the last one for a while using this pattern though... I'm really bored with it so I got a new one!

ALSO, this is my first yarn spun on the rented Ashford Traveller. It is 420yds of superwash merino at about a lace/fingering weight. I was really quite pleased with myself though I'm sure when I get my own wheel and practice my yarn will be more consistent!

I'm planning some sort of lacy scarf with this... still not decided on a pattern though!

As for WIPs I've got a few knitting projects still going plus a mystery project that has quickly taken over my living room! Poor Smokey now has quite the obstacle course to navigate to get to the kitchen and his food!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What do you do while watching a Harry Potter Marathon? Sew of course!

In preparation for seeing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on Monday evening, I'm watching Harry Potter 1-5 today! Now I can't just sit and watch movies- I have to be doing something creative!
I've been coveting the box bags that have been floating around on blogs and Etsy recently and decided to make a few for myself. I had purchased the materials over a month ago but the arrival of the spinning wheel put the box bags to the back of the closet! Sadly, the wheel has been returned and now I have time to try my hand at making some pouches for the numerous knitting projects I have on needles! So my apartment was turned over to sewing this afternoon:

Here are pics of the first bag:

I made three bags in all: I also made a needle case for my double-pointed needles. I have so many of them now and they are spread all over the apartment so I can't find the ones I want!

While I was digging around for sewing things I realized just how big my needle craft stashes are! I have 5 half finished cross-stitch/embroidery projects going plus materials for 9 others! Then there are 4 knitting projects on needles and yarn for another 50-but all neatly (and compactly stored!) Someday soon I'll dig it all out and take pictures.
I'll have pics up later in the week of my first skein of wheel spun yarn and another finished baby sweater with the cutest buttons!

PS. I have tried to post this several times... apparently this program does not like word... blagh...hopefully it works this time as I've retyped the whole thing!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In the Burgh

It has been a few weeks since I posted! I had a lovely time with my rented spinning wheel-but sadly it had to be returned. I spun about 5 oz of lovely superwash merino into a nice lace-weight two ply. I'll have pics up soon and I'm thinking of turning it into a lacy scarf... I've not knitted lace before so that should be interesting!
Right now I'm at the parents house in Pittsburgh. I had planned the trip to coincide with the wedding of my oldest friend- (we played together before we were four!). The wedding was lovely- I have to snatch pics from some of the people who were there to show you all. It was really wonderful to see old family friends.
We've been spending lots of time with the grandparents and had a great family picnic on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately I lost the beanbag tournament- but in fairness, Kelly and John, who won, owned the cornhole set- they have an unfair practice advantage!
More time with friends and family for the next day or so then back to Minneapolis!