Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm liking Minneapolis!

Well, I'm pretty settled! I've found most of life's necessities with the exception of a dry cleaner. I've found a grocery store that I love just 6-8 blocks away. I have a manicure and pedicure place that I like! I've even got an Asian market just a 5 minute walk over! I love the area- there are tree lined sidewalks, shops, restaurants and schools all around though my street is pretty quiet. I tried Westminster Presbyterian Church this past Sunday- I liked it but I'd like to go a few more times before I make any decisions.

I love my apt (and Smokey does too)! Here are some pics of the finished product though they don't really do it justice!

I'm in the process of my first big cooking project in the new kitchen- lasagna bolognese! I've got the meat and the bechamel sauces made (yesterday) and I'll be assembling today! Yummy dinner! Things are going pretty well in the kitchen. I'm loving the gas range and I'll be trying out the oven today. I may bake some cookies over the weekend to test the evenness of the oven out. I'm still figuring out working space but it is getting there- it will be very do-able.

I start work on Monday- wish me luck with public transport and paperwork!

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