Sunday, May 25, 2008

Moving Sucks for Smokey Too

Poor Smokey. He survived the move from Texas and, while it could have been worse, I don't think that he was extremely happy. Luckily, the hotel rooms I stayed in had the rails along the bed so that he wasn't able to get under the bed. I decided not to drug him after the fiasco when the moving men were packing my things in Texas and I think that it was a good idea.

He was completely wigged out by the movers and the maintenance guys but he seems to be doing better. He has found some new hiding places- in the closet and behind the chair in the bedroom though he has ventured out into the living room and has ventured out to the living room. I think that things will be good now that things in the apt are pretty much settled...

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Jul said...

Glad you made the move! such excitement! Smokey is too cute and I hope he's settling better. Always good to find the "necessary" shops in your new area. Maybe we'll be able to come and visit!