Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Obsession Deepens

I went to Shepherd's Harvest this past weekend. It is a fair sized fiber/knitting /sheep show. It was totally wonderful and I was hugely tempted to spend LOTS of money on the beautiful hand spun and hand dyed yarns but I was good... I only got two skeins of sock yarn.
The problem came when I saw how fun spinning (actually taking wool and making yarn) could be... because, really, I don't do enough crafty things already- must add one more to the list..... So I bought myself a cheap drop spindle and some cheap Merino wool... I got home and thought I'd break out my new toys.... and here is the result:
Predrafting the roving:
Setting the twist:My first skein of yarn- single ply, heavy worsted weight, 50 yards:
I'm now obsessed. I LOVE IT. I will say that I was given fair warning... many blogs and websites say that it is easy to get caught up into spinning- well now I am. You can put me down in the "crazy lady who has a cat and spins yarn" category of nuts....

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Scott said...

Hey, I want one of these: