Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Massive Update

Well I've been busy- just not posting. Part of the problem was that I threw out my back (again) but two weeks later I'm back in commission!
I finally finished the quilt- I LOVE it- it isn't perfect (all of my corners don't match perfectly) but it looks just like I wanted it to- Yummy, yes? Plus it's huge- like queen sized... I didn't origionally intend it to be that big but it just sort of took over...

I've got lots of other knitting and spinning projects going (yes, I said spinning!)

As for the knitting, I broke down and got "Socks from the toe up". Love the book- I've started one of the pairs for myself!

I've also started knitting Christmas gifts but no pics of those as "certain people" may be reading this blog!

I've also got baby gifts going... but again, no pics... it will be a surprise!

Last on the knitting front, I'm starting a scarf... I saw this pattern on Ravelry and LOVED it!!!

Gotta get it done for fall though with my fall colors! I've not cast-on yet but here is the yarn- Cascade 220-Mmmmmm my favorite colors!

Now, I mentioned spinning- Well my Grandma is quite supportive of my crafty endeavors and provided funding for my very own wheel!!! May I present my Ashford Traveller. I got it unfinished and oiled the wood before I put it together. I've decided to name it D.E.B. (My grandparent's initials- in memory of them!)- quarky, I know but there it is...

I also purchased a few other items that are neccessary for spinners including a niddy noddy (came with my wheel), a ball winder, a lazy kate and a swift. I'm now ready to SPIN!!!!

Here is a pic of my first skien. I got the wool (merino) from a local fiber store. it is three ply and I'm going for one long color change- from light to dark - you'll be able to see it when I knit with it!

Lastly, here is a picture of Smokers in the morning- all cute and curled up!!!!

Happy Fall Knitting and Crafting!!


Rebecca said...

So jealous of your wheel... But, I need another hobby like I need a hole in my head. I'll just continue to buy more yarn that I need! I can't wait to see more spinning endeavors :o)

laurabpetersen said...

I second BigR's comment - no more hobbies for me :) But it's fun to see your spinning progress! Also, I just got that sock book too and LOVE it...can't wait to start a pattern. I'm thinking one of the more manly pairs for Zac :)

Gwen said...

Yes- the trilobites would be good for a guy!

greengoddess said...

I've never had anything named for me before. What a nice honor. The quilt is lovely. You have enough work to keep you out of trouble for quite a while.