Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Fever

While I do love the spring (I have even left the house without a coat- gasp!!!), apparently it does not love me. Hay fever has hit in a BIG way. Friday was a slightly sore throat and yesterday was full blown, can't breathe, can't swallow, no contacts, head exploding allergy attacks. Not cool... I've now dug out the allergy drugs- all sorts along with lots of tissues... Let's hope that whatever is blooming dies quickly.

I've continued to be crafty during the nice weather, though soon I may move my knitting sessions to a blanket outside- it's not that warm yet! Here are some "in progress" pics of the burp cloths that I'm knitting- there will be bibs also!

On the cake decorating front, we made gumpaste flowers in class on Sat- I love the daisy's and the "fantasy flower" though I'm calling it a poppy! There will be another cake next week!

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