Saturday, January 10, 2009


I'm surviving my first winter in 6 years pretty well though I've learned that there are several essential pieces of information I've picked up.

First: layers- the more layers the better these include: land's end long underwear- the best thing ever...: turtlenecks and tanktops for under shirts- another layer is always welcome...: sweaters for over shirts- the previous comment applies: puffy down vest: fantastic under the jacket on especially cold mornings...: Hat, scarf and gloves- any exposed skin at -10F is bad- very bad

Second: snow boots with miraculous traction- they appear not to shovel sidewalks here so you need TRACTION so you don't fall on your butt (I've already fallen twice and now wear my last season's style boots ALL THE TIME)

Third: don't put mascara on until you get inside- if your eyelashes freeze on the way to the bus the mascara runs when they thaw and you look like a raccoon- if you haven't guessed, I learned this from experience....

Last: underground tunnels, though confusing, are our friends...

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John said...

Just happened by (thank "next blog" button!) and noticed your links to local harvest and the like. Thought you might find an interest in Pretty neat journey this small group got started on and can't seem to quit.